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I like my Client Couples to choose the songs for their own wedding video, if at all possible. That is why I've created this Song Selector page. Now you, or someone designated by you, can comb through hundreds of songs available to find just the right music to compliment the Masterpiece we are creating together!

You will be using the music websites  and to select your songs.

Once you have made your song choices, you will fill out the form below. PLEASE, PLEASE be sure to submit your music choices PRIOR to your wedding day! That way, I will have your songs to edit with while you're off enjoying your honeymoon ... and you'll receive your finished videos that much sooner!

Here are some guidelines to follow:

Make it easy on yourself!

Ask a FRIEND for their help ... someone who knows and preferably shares your own tastes in music. Allow them to serve you by taking the time to peruse the available music tracks. Let THEM narrow the list of contenders down to a group of twenty or so excellent choices which they can then present to you for final consideration.

Keep in mind exactly how the music will be used

Whomever selects the music should take time to watch a number of the wedding video samples here on the Vegan Videos website. Basically, I will be needing only two song-types to edit with: 1) what I call the "Romantic Song", and 2) what I call the "Happy Song". The Romantic Song accompanies pre-ceremony images of everyone getting ready, letters being read, first looks, getting seated for the ceremony, etc. The Happy Song is for the fun which follows after the "I do's" have been said. Watching previously produced videos will help the person choosing the music to understand just how these songs will be used.

The more choices the editor has, the better!

It helps me to have a variety of songs from which to pick when I start the edit. Even if I find that your songs are not usable for one reason or another, I can get a sense of the style of music you would like. Below, you will find I have provided five slots on the form for Romantic Songs, and five for Happy Song choices. Don't feel like you have to fill ALL of those slots with song titles ... but it always helps me to have more than one choice of each of the song types from which to pick. Three of each type would be great, and of course, five of each would be fantastic! By the way, it will also help me if you would give consideration only to songs that have a duration of at least three minutes. Longer songs normally have more interesting intros and instrumental variations throughout ... again, presenting more possibilities for creativity during editing. 

Don't leave out the Groom!

We want to make sure that the finished video will be enjoyable for BOTH Bride and Groom. So, please be sure that both of you have a say in the selection of songs. Once in a while, the musical taste of one half of the couple is SO completely different than that of the other half, preference should really be given to one partner on one of the songs, and vice versa for the other song. The point is, please make sure that BOTH Bride and Groom are in agreement with the final song list by the time we're ready to edit.

Don't use your phone when selecting music

It might be POSSIBLE to select songs on your smart phone, but it is anything but smart! You should use a tablet, laptop or full-sized computer screen when perusing these music sites. Larger displays include more information, such as the duration of a song, or whether or not there is a featured vocal - information that may or may not be visible on a a tiny smartphone screen.

Okay, now it's time to get started listening to the wonderful music available at  and Click on the two logos below to watch tutorials I have compiled for each site. Then, take your time, pace yourself, and enjoy perusing both massive catalogues. Finally, when you are ready, please fill out the form below and submit your choices. Happy listening!


Song Selection

Fill in the fields below and hit the "submit form" button. Once submitted, I will send a copy of the completed form to the email you provide. If you don't see it within 24 hours, check your spam or trash folder. Please be sure you have whitelisted so that I can contact you if I have any questions. Also, you'll want to hang onto your email copy to refresh your memory of the songs you've chosen in case you desire to submit any changes in the future. You can always visit the Song Selector and re-submit your list. However, I will consider the latest list I've received from you to be your FINAL choices when it comes time to edit.

Thanks, and please feel free to call me - Fred, the owner of Vegan Videos in Kansas City, at 816.459.0009 if you have any questions!

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